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The Power of Thoughts/Mind | SVT Digital Products Int

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The Power of Thoughts/Mind | SVT Digital Products Int

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‘Achieve Success With The Right Thoughts

According to world renowned authors, research studies have found that an average person thinks between 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day!

Without realizing it, people give power to their thoughts. People feed this power by the nature of their thoughts and mind. People pollute their minds with the wrong kind of information on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the majority of thoughts which people have on a daily basis are negative in nature.

Another headline states that the “Average brain has up to 50,000 daily thoughts and 70% of them are negative”.

These figures are staggering! Just think about it (no pun intended)- If 70% of people’s daily thoughts are negative, this surely cannot have a positive impact on their lives.

Your mind is a powerful thing, which many people don't know the power of.

People may be sabotaging their own lives without knowing it, simply by engaging and indulging in negative thoughts… like:

> “I am stressing about this presentation next week, because I’ll only humiliate myself in front of my my boss and I can bet, he will find my presentation worthless”

> “I worrying that people at the party might find me boring because I don’t have anything interesting to say”

> “I’ll just be making a fool of myself by going there”

> Worrying over and over this small pain in your chest and fearing it could be a heart condition...

If you are having any of these thoughts then this offer is for you. In-fact this product is for anyone sick and tired of having there mind engaged in negative thoughts. 

Your mind is the secret weapon to unlock the gateway to your happiness and success.

With our power of thoughts package you get 15 high quality articles consisting of over 12,000 words!

 Here are some of the titles in this package:

 Don’t Let Others Define Who You Are (802 Words)

 True Success Starts with Contentment (723 Words)

 Be Renewed by Letting Go of Your Past experience (770 Words)

 10 secret ways to achieve Success (1061 Words)

 10 Activities That Can Distract You From Negative Thoughts (802 Words)

 How to Achieve A Healthy Thought Process (8 power tips) (668 Words)

 Get this amazing offer for $37 and discover the full power of your thoughts and mind!

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Get your package today and start reaching the full potential of your mind.




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