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The Power of the Law of Attraction

The Power of the Law of Attraction

Before getting too involved in discussing the principles of
the Law of Attraction as guides for your business, it’s
important to be sure you grasp the power of this force.
Psychologists, educators and scientists have studied the
concept of the Law of Attraction and some of their quotes
make excellent starting points for understanding its full

“When the brain, heart and emotions comply, then the
universe will give you what you want.” (Manish Sinha,
Manager at Amensys)

“When the English poet W.C. Henley wrote the prophetic
lines, ‘I am the Master of My Fate, I am the Captain of my
Soul’, he should have informed us that the reason we are
the Masters of our Fate, the Captains of our Souls is
because we have the power to control our thoughts. He
should have told us that the ether in which this little
planet floats…is a form of energy…and is filled with a form
of universal power which adapts itself to the nature of the
thoughts we hold in our minds; and influences us, in
natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical
equivalent.” (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich)

“The resources you need to change anything in your life are
within you right now. It’s just that you have a set of
neuro-associations that habitually cause you to not fully
utilize your capability.” (Anthony Robbins, Awaken the
Giant Within)

“What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings,
mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.”
(Catherine Ponder, Dynamic Law of Prosperity)

Notice the action words in these quotes: comply, power to
control, change, radiate. The Law of Attraction is not some
vague idea that involves people sitting quietly and
meditating. It is an action filled concept that requires
people to be affirmative, positive, able to change, and
ready to attract if they want affirmative, positive and
attractive things to happen in life. The idea is that your
positive or negative vibrations are bound in physics. Your
vibrations attract universe vibrations that match. It
explains why someone can have a “bad day” that lasts all
day or “be on a roll” where good things just seem to happen
from morning to night. You do not function in a vacuum but
are part of a larger universe where everything is
interconnected. You absorb stimuli which turns into a
thought and thoughts lead to behaviors. The Law of
Attraction is summarized in a couple of ways depending on
which book you read:

• Attract
• Inspire
• Act

Another summarization as outlined in the movie The Secret

• Ask
• Believe
• Receive

You can attract positive vibrations or you can ask for
positive results and become inspired to act in a way that
proves your belief in positive results and then act or
receive the positive benefits. In other words, you can
think of yourself as successful; attract opportunities for
success; and then act on those opportunities.

It is possible to substitute negative for positive, but why
would you? According to the law of attraction, you get what
you ask for. It’s really that simple. There are plenty of
people who ask for negative results, and sadly they don’t
even realize that is what they are asking for. Many of
these same people have started an internet business that
failed, and they are also baffled as to why.

Before moving into the next section, let’s talk about the
role of language. Words play such an important part in how
our lives progress. It’s not just the words we speak
either. We think about words too. In fact, we actually talk
to ourselves in our heads. No ... we are not sinking into
madness ... just letting the inner voice express itself.

The inner voice is the internal voice that either
encourages or discourages us. It may say things like:

• Wow! I did well on that project!
• Took some work, but I did it!
• I can’t believe I failed.
• I’ll never be able to do that job.
• I’m so smart and talented.
• I’m such a klutzand always messing things up.

I’m sure you noticed that this inner voice can be positive
or negative. It can encourage us to work hard or to give
up. There is a set of tools called Neuro-Linguistic
Programming (NLP) that are used to change how people think
about themselves and their abilities. People are taught to
start with positive images and positive words because they
will lead to positive behaviors. NLP strategies are
actually imbedded in the Law of Attraction on one level.

About this time you may be wondering what all this has to
do with internet marketing. As you will see in the next
section, marketing and public relations are no longer
separate activities like they were before web based
business began. The internet has led to two-way
communication between marketers and customers. It has
created the ability to produce a feast for the eyes that
can be laid out with just a few clicks. All this means you
can now do more than just market – you can establish
rapport using a blend of technology, marketing, public
relations, customer service, images and words.

But the internet is also a busy place where you are
competing against millions of other websites. Shame on you!
No negative thoughts permitted if you are ready to apply
the principles of the Law of Attraction to your business
marketing. Here is your first test:

1. True or False? I can learn to master internet marketing
so that I build a strong customer base and a viable
business online?

2. True or False? I believe in my ability to succeed!

See how the Law of Attraction works? If you believe in
yourself then you begin your internet marketing from a
positive mindset. From that positive mindset you can build
a business marketing plan that your customers find
positive, uplifting and that makes them want to return
again and again to do business with you.

To Your Success,
SVT Shoping

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